Leipzig Games Convention 2007 News

2GB levels in Killzone 2

More Killzone 2 snippets fresh from Deutschland, home of the Leipzig Games Convention.

Firstly, each level will make up a whopping 2 gigabytes. That’s about half a DVDs worth of storage…which is alot. Obviously, this is why it’s on Blu-ray, but it may account for the current slow down at checkpoints and the like.

Also, due to the sheer detail and effects crammed down the Cell and RSXs proverbial throat, the game will run 30 fps, and will ‘only’ be at 720p. The detail is so high in fact, that the amount of polygons used in one soldiers face is roughly the amount used in one entire Killzone 1 level. As long as it doesn’t cause any issues like the ones seen Madden ’08, it should be fine.

Press have been allowed to play small bits of the demo level shown at E3, the one which was ‘hilariously’ ‘forgotten about’ by Kaz ‘Riiiiidge Racer!’ Hirai, Jack ‘I’ll give you $1200 if you find a PS3’ Tretton, and Phil ‘We’re not arrogant’ Harrison.

General reception of the game so far has been good, with people impressed by the graphical features and effects.

Stay tuned.

Source: GameSpy