4HEAD Studios cancels Beowulf

As the new blockbuster movie "Beowulf" from Paramount Pictures debuts in cinemas worldwide and the official game of the movie becomes available, work on the independently developed game of same name has been suspended.

The game had been under development at German game developer 4HEAD Studios in collaboration with graphics and animation studio 3D-IO. Paramount Pictures has obtained the rights to the project’s core properties including trademarks, Internet domains, and other assets.

Executive Producer Gustaf Stechmann comments: "With the announcement of Ubisoft’s official game based on the movie and the conceivable competitive situation, we were seeing publishers unwilling to support our game. We thus lacked the resources needed to drive the project’s development forward. Luckily, we had the older rights to the use of the name. The buy-out deal with Paramount was therefore the logical exit strategy."

Game developer 4HEAD Studios had become financially unstable and were
recently acquired by German publishing house DTP.

Too bad, this version of Beowulf may have been better than the latest release from Ubisoft. See for yourself what the title looked like in its early stages by clicking on the images below: