5 best PS4 games so far

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been on the market for a mere three months, and while we’ve perhaps yet to see what many describe as the quintessential next-generation title, the console still has some cracking games on offer. While new releases have been a bit dry as 2014 gets underway, things are soon set to pick up with the launch of Sucker Punch’s hotly-anticipated inFamous: Second Son, and Evolution Studios’ DriveClub over the next few months.

Still, after all the hullabaloo surrounding the PS4 launch and the influx of software that supplemented it, there’s probably a few gems out there that you’ve perhaps overlooked, or maybe haven’t really given the attention they deserve. As such, PSU.com decided to celebrate the PS4’s five greatest games so far — make no mistake, if you don’t have any of these games on your shelf, it’s time to rectify that right away.

See anything you fancy? Let us know your top 5 PS4 games in the comments section below.

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At the time of writing, Crystal Dynamics’ next-generation port of Tomb Raider is the latest major PS4 release, and it’s a whopper. As detailed in our review, Lara Croft’s reboot shines on Sony’s new home console, delivering a silky smooth, 60fps rendition of 2013’s seminal action-adventure. Brimming with spectacle and adrenaline-pumping combat, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition lives up to its name in offering the quintessential version of this stellar game, packing enhanced visuals, all DLC and a new-look Lara complete with swanky hair effects. If you haven’t already tried out the game on PS3, then there’s no excuse not to pick it up for PS4. Until Uncharted arrives on the scene, Tomb Raider is unlikely to be beaten.


Ubisoft’s pirate-themed Black Flag offers what we feel is unequivocally the best Assassin’s Creed game since 2010’s Brotherhood. Playing as Edward Kenway during the Golden Age of Piracy, Black Flag offers up a massive stealth-action sandbox to tinker with, whether you’re sailing the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean or skulking around shanty towns, stalking your quarry amidst the shrubbery. Packing the biggest Assassin’s Creed world to date, Black Flag offers up a gripping storyline packed with dozens of side quests to tackle. And the best part? It looks stunning on PS4, running notably better than any other version to date, including Xbox One. Plus, if you’re jumping on board the Jackdaw now, you’ll be able to enjoy a host of DLC to boot.


One of the surprise hits of the PS4 launch line-up, Housemarque’s Resogun is a thoroughly addictive, vibrant shoot-em-up that’s perfect for those with a penchant for working their way up the leaderboards. The gameplay, though simple, is thoroughly addicting and there’s plenty to master as you progress, making Resogun one of the most rewarding games you can pick up for Sony’s new powerhouse. Plus, the whole retro vibe the game has going on only makes it all the more compelling to play, and anyone who has had experience with the equally-brilliant Superstar Dust HD will find all the more reason to pick this gem up.


This year’s first-person punch-up between Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 resulted in a clear winner as far as we’re concerned — DICE’s military shooter took the crown by a country mile. While Activision’s effort felt tired and uninspired, Battlefield 4, despite its admittedly annoying online bugs, proved to be the FPS of choice for PS4 owners. From a visual standpoint, you’re unlikely to see a more sumptuous-looking game with the possible exception of Killzone: Shadow Fall. However, whereas Guerrilla Games’ sci-fi shooter faltered somewhat, BF4 offers a cohesive and gripping FPS, packed with blood-pumping combat and stunning set pieces that are sure to get all your last-gen loving mates green with envy. The multiplayer, when it actually works, is the best you’ll get on Sony’s new console to date, with massive warzones populated by dozens of players making for a truly epic battleground.


EA Sports has been the reigning champ in regards to offering the best video game incarnation of The Beautiful Game for some time now, and its latest effort, FIFA 14, further cements this achievement. A solid step up from last year’s outing, FIFA 14’s fluid gameplay, control tweaks and enjoyable multiplayer makes it the ideal companion for footie fanatics. Once again, the PS4 version measures up slightly superior to its Xbox One counterpart in overall performance, meaning you get the definitive version of FIFA 14 on Sony’s new home console. Sure, some areas need an overhaul, but for now, this is one of the best sports games you can get for PS4.