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5-Star Rating System Comes To PS Store For PS5 & PS4 Games

Sony Interactive Entertainment has implemented a five-star rating system to the PlayStation Store, allowing users to rate their PS5 & PS4 games.

Simply head over to the PS Store now and hit up ‘View Product’ and you will see the current game rating and the option to view a detailed breakdown of its core. This reveals how many ratings a specific game has received from users, as well as a percentage breakdown for the amount of votes for each 1 — 5 score. You’re free to score a game yourself, but only if it’s been added to your library, purchased, or downloaded.

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One thing that springs to mind with this sort of thing is review bombing, which sadly happens in just about any type of rating system these days – just look at the user ratings on Metacritic, for example. Still, it’s good to have a rating system on the PS Store regardless.

[Source – The Gamer]