5 stunning Songbringer GIFS get you ready for some explosive gameplay

songbringer review gifs

In case you haven’t heard of Songbringer before (honestly, where have you been?), let’s get you up to speed shall we?

Imagine if the very first Legend of Zelda title (y’know, the NES one which came out in 1986), was remade in 2017, switching out the strict fantasy setting for a sci-fi scenario while introducing procedural generation to the mix to keep the whole thing feeling continually fresh.

Now, imagine that the visuals have been overhauled with detail-rich pixel art and the whole thing is absolutely swimming in eye-popping weaponry, RPG style progression elements and lashings of witty dialogue.

Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, seeing is believing as they say and so to help you with that here is a literal GIFplosion of five instances of awesomeness from Songbringer.

Ride the Lightning

They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. Now, normally while that would be of some comfort to most folk, for the denizens of Songbringer it really isn’t, since lightning seems to strike everywhere, repeatedly and, well, has annoying habit of killing anything it touches. Fun times! Still though, I mean, just look at that lightning effect – just look at it; have you ever seen a better looking set of death-pixels? No, no you haven’t.


Calm Like a Bomb

If there is one thing that Bomberman has taught us its that you should never get high on your own supply (wait, that was Scarface wasn’t it?). Anyway, the point is that Konami’s arcade classic teaches us that we should never inhabit the same space as our bombs because doing so generally isn’t good for your health. Seemingly benefitting from the same lesson, our hero can not only lay down some natty explosives to crumble walls to access new areas, but he has a wonderful, Dishonoured 2 style teleportation ability that he can use to escape the blast. Neat? Yep, neat.


Bridge Over Troubled Water

As well as allowing our intrepid hero to avoid getting blown to pixel pieces by his own explosives, those sweet teleportation powers that he has can also be used to trigger switches too. One of them, as you can see in the GIF, is handy as heck because it raises a multi-directional bridge that allows access to a whole new set of rooms. New rooms mean new loot, and new loot means new rooms, and new loot means… oh you get the picture.

Boss of Me

Of course, no top-down, procedurally generated, pixel sex fest like Songbringer would be complete without some big bads to take down, so lucky for us (and not so lucky for the main protag), the game has a selection of some of the meanest bosses this side of some game called Grey Spirits or something, I dunno. Anyhow, one such encounter can be glimpsed below, and, well, it looks pretty epic to say the least with a near-screen filling boss and his two lackeys making life difficult by spitting ice at the player and causing snow explosions every second or so on top of that.

Lovely. Remember to dodge, eh?


Though clearly our fearless sword-swinging, bomb exploding, teleporting hero can pretty much handle himself in any situation (with the exception of that last one, maybe), it should be noted that there are other folks imprisoned on the world that he finds himself on. Naturally, how does he attempt to free these poor, captive souls? By triggering a triangle shaped nuclear explosion of course.

Of course.

Songbringer releases for PS4 on September 5. Look for our review shortly!