7 action sequences and fights that Rambo: The Video Game needs

Reef Entertainment has taken on a huge job with Rambo: The Video Game. The U.K. based developer’s goal of creating a first-person shooter that recreates action sequences from the three original movies, which were jam-packed with hard-hitting moments, major gun-fights and cinematic explosions, is no small task.

If it gets it right though, Rambo fans could be in for one hell of a treat. Here are seven moments from the three films that we really hope make the final cut…

Note: We’ve accompanied each selection with a YouTube clip, but we couldn’t embed all the videos. If you’re interested in replaying these great Rambo moments, then you should be able to find related videos somewhere on the web.

Rambo: First Blood – The Forest Hunt
Officers search the densely-wooded area for John Rambo, a master of stealth and survival. Hiding on the woodland floor under camouflage he times his attack perfectly as he pounces on the first officer, wounding him so that he shouts out to his colleagues in pain and splits up the chasing pack.

He then leaps from a tree like a predator taking down his next victim, and then causes one officer to shoot another before revealing himself. It’s a trap! Another goon gives chase and then gets caught by the pre-laid spiky trap. Among the run-and-gun carnage that we’re expecting from the video game, it would be great to see a stealth scene included.

Rambo:First Blood – Motorbike chase scene
We’re looking for variety in Rambo: The Video Game and the thrilling motorcycle chase would be prime candidate to switch up the gameplay. Rambo steals a Yamaha XT250 and the sheriff jumps in his car to give chase. Rambo flies through the streets at breakneck speeds, over jumps and through the forest as he frantically tries to shake him off. To make this a little more exciting, we’d love to see Reef Entertainment turn this sequence into a timed escape, where players are pitted against the clock to reach the extraction point.

Rambo: First Blood – Set the town alight
Rambo: The Video Game wouldn’t be complete without the thrilling sequence that appears near the end of First Blood. The National Guard are in pursuit and Rambo hijacks an Army cargo truck before being chased by the police car. He smashes the truck into a car, causing it to overturn and explode. He then crashes into a petrol station and then ignites the highway with fuel. Finally, Rambo equips his M60 and goes on a memorable rampage causing absolute carnage in the town.

Rambo: First Blood Part II – Escape from POW Camp
This exciting sequence would give players a chance to partake in close-quarter fighting as well as weapon-based play. Rambo is held captive by the Russians and tortured by electrocution. The big mistake his captors make is taking him out of the electrocution chamber and untying his hands. A frantic fist-fight follows, which would be great as a cinematic QTE sequence. Rambo manages to grab some grenades and a weapon. A frantic dash, a couple of well-placed grenades and a tense helicopter pursuit follows. Rambo is often on the run throughout the trilogy and this sequence has tension and action rolled into one.


Rambo: First Blood Part II – Helicopter carnage
Rambo hijacks a helicopter from the Russians and heads over to a POW camp. This would be a great on-rails section in the video game as Rambo lays down gun-fire and missiles on his enemies. He lands and takes the machine gun that was mounted on the helicopter. He heads into camp and slaughters the guards before releasing the POWs. Back into the helicopter, Rambo rains down more fire and battles against another chopper.



Rambo 3 – Stick fight
The stick fighting sequence at the beginning of Rambo 3 is an iconic scene as a baying mob surrounds Rambo and he trades blows in a furious fight. It’s one of the few times that Rambo shows mercy on his opponent, but it’s an exciting cinematic sequence that really should be included in the video game.


Rambo 3 – Pulls grenade, followed by round-house kick
The lengthy fist-fight scene between Rambo and a Russian Bull soldier deep in the heart of the mountains was an incredibly tense battle and one of more memorable moments of the third film in the trilogy. The moment where he pulls the grenade strapped to the Russian, delivers a round-house kick sending him flying down a hole where he subsequently gets blown to pieces, is genius. Please Reef, let us relive this moment!



A release date for Rambo: The Video Game are yet to be confimed. Are there any classic moments from the films that you’d like to re-enact (in the video game, not in reality?)