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A New Knack Trademark Has Been Filed By Sony

A new trademark for Sony Interactive Entertainment‘s Knack has been filed by the hardware manufacturer in Japan.

The Knack trademark filing was made public today and covers use in ā€œdownloadable or installable home video game machine program and additional data.ā€

This doesn’t mean that a new Knack game is in development right now, although it’s unclear what Sony’s plans are at this point. The last entry in the series, Knack 2, was released in September 2017 and we haven’t heard any plans for a continuation of the franchise.

Knack wasn’t exactly a runaway success although it is noted as the brainchild of Mark Cerny, the Sony architect who worked on the PS4 and PS5 hardware. Both games were developed by Sony’s Japanese studio, which shuttered in 2021.

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Sony’s Japan studio was responsible for a number of major titles, including Ape Escape and Gravity Rush, although Team Asobi is now the only outfit left producing games from its Japanese arm.

[Source – Gematsu]