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A New PS5 Ad Shows The Console Upside Down


A new PS5 ad shows the console upside down. Yes, this really did happen again. It seems during the setup for shooting the ad, someone made one fatal mistake, as Twitter user Nibel pointed out.

Even though Sony went through the process of showing us exactly how they would like us to place the console both horizontally and vertically, many, even Herman Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios have opted to rebel against the norm. Putting your console upside has even reportedly eliminated fan problems, with one PS5 owner crediting the change with fixing his rattling fan.

Of course, it doesn’t matter which way you position your console, since it’s probably just fine so long as it is resting on the stand in some way. It’s at least worth a try if you find yourself one day hearing your fan make any rattling noise, as putting it upside down would certainly be a fair trade off for the easy fix.

Source – [Twitter]