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A New Sony Acquisition Announcement Is Reportedly On The Horizon

Though it would still be fair to say that we got some pretty big PlayStation news this week, according to Greg Miller and Jeff Grubb, we’re still due for more.

Earlier in the week, Miller announced that he would be delaying his weekly podcast show until today, and we now know that was due to a potentially big acquisition announcement from Sony.

Twitter user Okami13_ compiled both their reports, including a clip of them talking about it where Miller confirms the it was the reason for his delay.

The fiscal year is coming to a close, so it would be quite the way to go out with another big acquisition announcement.

It won’t be anything nearly as big as the Bungie acquisition though, as it’s doubtful Sony would do something like that twice in the same fiscal year.

Sony is however always free to prove me wrong.

Source – [Twitter]