A Saving Guide In The Amusement Parks

Amusement parks’ revenue in the US has grown at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 5.0% over the past five years to $29.2 billion, which is expected to have a growth rate of 7.7% in 2023 according to IBISWorld. There are great theme parks such as Disneyland Park and the Universal Resort to immerse ourselves in a fairy world, or you can choose to go to Six Flags Great Adventure or Seaworld Parks to have fun with all the equipment there. You can enjoy quality time in amusement parks, from rollercoasters to castles and role-playing. As we know, amusement parks are the best choice for people who want to spend time alone, with their partners, families, or even colleagues, and I believe many of us had dreamt that we could just live in the amusement parks. However, the cost of amusement parks is always so high that we can’t afford to live there every day. In fact, many people need to prepare a lot of money in advance so that they are able to spend some great days in the amusement parks.

Are there any ways to save more money in amusement parks? The following tips may be helpful to have yourself a wonderful amusement park trip without spending too much.

  1. Choose The Right Tickets

It would save more money if you can determine which amusement park to go to, make the plans and buy the tickets before really going there. The most money-saving ticket types are always different for individuals, couples, and families. Big amusement parks often offer various types of tickets, whether they offer food, contain special performances at night, or cover the cost of rides. Also, it is important to choose the correct channel to buy tickets. The official site is the most reliable way, however, it does not always provide discounts on the price. For instance, if you are planning to go to Disneyland, you can either choose Walt Disney World Website – its official website, or Undercover Tourist, which is authorized as Disney’s official website and offers discounts from time to time. There are also other third-party websites that offer more discounts for the ticket, but you have to be careful if it is safe or not. The most ideal time for buying a ticket to Disneyland is 60 days earlier, as you can buy tickets to both parks and diner restaurants.

  1. Visit In Off-peak Seasons

Visiting in off-peak seasons is a great way to save money on almost all kinds of travel options. The price for the ticket may not change a lot all year round, but the fees for transportation and hotel can be a lot cheaper than during peak seasons. Also, off-peak season traveling means fewer tourists, and you will get funnier experiences and a more relaxed time. For Disneyland as an example, it provides dynamic fare due to the tourism volume. You can buy a ticket for $109 in off-peak seasons, however, the fare on Christmas can go up to $159. The best off-peak time to visit theme parks is in late winter to late spring and late autumn to early winter. The least recommended time for amusement parks is summer holiday, spring break, and all the three-day weekend holidays such as Memorial Day (the last Monday in May) and Labor Day (the first Monday in September) and other big holidays such as Christmas Day (December 25th) and Children’s Day (June 11th). Summer is always considered the busiest season for amusement parks in the year, however, if you only have the time in summer, you can choose early June or late August, as this is a relatively less crowded period in the peak summer season.

  1. Stick To Your Budget

The consumption of tickets, transportation, and hotels may be expensive, but if you buy them in advance, they are easy to plan for. It’s some small expenses during your adventure that inadvertently make you spend more money than what you have planned. Remember to set a budget before going to an amusement park. There are many ways to avoid impulse shopping, for example, you can prepare your food and drink in advance, or get souvenirs when you are out of the parks. You can take photos with your phone, and get them printed by uploading them in Mpix, which can help you save a lot compared to printing photos in the parks.

It is recommended to prepare a lot before going to amusement parks. However, if you really want to enjoy yourself, a little bit of impulse is also indispensable. Just have your adventure in the amusement castles, and save money in the meanwhile for the real world!