Activision: "PS3 is the most advanced platform"

During the Web 2.0 Summit last week, Activision’s Chairman and CEO, Robert Kotick, stated that he believes the PlayStation 3 is the most advanced gaming platform available.

During his presentation, Kotick took questions from the audience, one inquiry leading him to talk about the PlayStation 3 and how developers are building for its hardware.

"[The] PlayStation 3 is the most advanced gaming platform, but very few game developers are building products that take full advantage of the console’s powerful, multicore processor," he said.

He then went on to state that it will gradually change over the next four or five years.

With Activision being one of the gaming industries largest publishers, it’s good to hear that they have strong confidence in the PS3’s hardware and understand that it may take developers a while to fully harness the power of the machine.

Source: Informationweek