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AEW Fight Forever Release Delay Explained By Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has explained the reason behind the delay of AEW Fight Forever, revealing on the Swerve City Podcast that the development team had to scale back some of the game’s content in order to secure a Teen rating from the ESRB.

There’s also the fact that the delay has resulted in some of the game’s roster being outdated. You may recall that CM Punk was featured heavily on AEW Fight Forever’s cover art, but that was changed due to his well-publicised falling out with fellow AEW members, among which include Omega.

I’m not too sure how much we had to scale it back, but man, I loved it. You could make the ring look like a murder scene if you wanted to. I hope there’s still some way to get a semblance of that, I hope we haven’t dumbed it down too much.

It does suck that the rating held us back a little because we really wanted to get it out. The longer time goes by this finished product that we have is going to be a little dated. A lot of the same people are going to be there and are there but some aren’t and you’re going to wonder why [someone I’ve seen] on my TV for a week, why isn’t he there?

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AEW Fight Forever was originally due for release in February 2023, although right now it’s unknown when it will see the light of day.

[Source – VGC]