Amazing Destiny 2 beta secrets, easter eggs and hidden locations

destiny 2

Despite only being available for less than 24 hours, the on-going early access Destiny 2 beta on PlayStation 4 has already coughed up a veritable gold mine of secrets and easter eggs. For example, we’ve already seen some gamers able to glitch their way into an unfinished location, known as the Lost Sector, just as previous hidden locations were unearthed in the original game’s beta.

However, there’s more to Destiny 2 beta secrets than snooping about in an unfinished level. Bungie has implemented some cool little touches that Destiny aficionados’ will nod sagely at in appreciation, and we’ve included them in the video below. But first, we’ll talk a little bit about what’s in store.

Eris is MIA

Fairly early on in the Homecoming mission you enter the area where the Crucible Vanguard would be, and can also visit Eris’ usual hangout. However, she’s not there, presumably having departed in the midst of the chaos and escaped to safety. Despite this, her mysterious vase remains, and what’s most intriguing is that you are unable to melee it or shoot it; something which is usually reserved for items that can be interacted with, such as scanning them with your Ghost. Could this mean something is in store for Eris in the full game? 

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Bar jukebox plays its last tune

Chances are like us you’ve visited the Tower hanger bar many times, even if it’s just to see if Xur, Agent of the Nine would shop up there on his weekly visits. However, much like the rest of the Tower, the bar has been hit hard by the Cabal attack; you can’t actually enter it, but you can make out the last gasps of the jukebox, which is happily playing a tune before croaking it. Sob.

We feel deflated

Ah, the purple ball. Many times Guardians would spend countless sessions in the Plaza just kicking this innocuous object around the place, even setting up a mini game of football. In fact, that’s probably what inspired Bungie to incorporate a full-fledged footie pitch for Destiny 2’s new hub. Sadly however, the Cabal didn’t see the fun side in our old spherical buddy; it’s sitting very much deflated on the Plaza steps. 

We’ll add more Destiny 2 beta secrets as they’re uncovered!