Amazing Horizon Zero Dawn trailer captures the thrill of hunting

The hype is real as Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn heads towards release on 28 February 2017. Not only does the sci-fi action-RPG look fantastic in its latest screenshots, but gameplay footage looks even better.

The latest Horizon Zero Dawn trailer focuses on hunting as players track down wildlife and robotic creatures known as ‘Machines’ to survive and gather resources. In the video, we see the lead female character Aloy hunting down Bandits, Tramplers and other creatures. We see how she can override creatures to ride them and get them fighting on her side, and get a look at some of the gadgets available that will allow her to strategize every hunt.

Aloy also uses the environment to her advantage, shooting at log piles to crush enemies and jumping off the side of cliffs to execute kills from above.

Watch the Horizon Zero Dawn trailer.

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Check back for the Horizon Zero Dawn review next week.