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Ambitious PSVR 2 Patents Detail Motion Sickness Reduction, Full Body Tracking

A pair of ambitious new patents that are seemingly to be used for PSVR 2 on PlayStation 5 detail how a next-generation PlayStation VR will not only enable full body tracking, but also help prevent motion sickness as well.

Unearthed by The Game Post, both patents certainly point to an ambitious successor to Sony’s current PlayStation VR headset if true. The first of the patents which concerns motion sickness, goes into detail as seen below and points to how some kind of bespoke VR sickness reduction method might work in this way:

“A VR sickness reduction system, a head-mounted display, a VR sickness reduction method, and a program with which it is possible to further reduce VR sickness. An HMD (12) is provided with a display unit (38), which is disposed in front of the eyes of a user when the user wears the HMD (12). A shaking unit (42) can shake the head of the user wearing the HMD (12).

An entertainment device (14) causes the display unit (38) to display a moving image representing a view as seen from a viewpoint. The entertainment device (14) controls the shaking of the shaking unit (42) in accordance with the acceleration condition of the viewpoint for the moving image displayed by the display unit (38). ”

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Elsewhere the second patent post, uses the diagram above and the abstract as seen below to document how through a special PlayStation VR camera and motion receptors worn on the feet and hands, the PlayStation VR’s successor would be able to support full body tracking:

“Provided are a tracker calibration device, tracker calibration method, and program that make it possible to precisely calibrate a plurality of types of trackers without measuring the relative positions of the trackers beforehand. A tracker data acquisition unit (50) acquires a plurality of items of first tracker data indicating the position of a first tracker expressed using a first coordinate system.

The tracker data acquisition unit (50) acquires a plurality of items of second tracker data indicating the position and orientation of a second tracker expressed using a second coordinate system. On the basis of the plurality of items of first tracker data and the plurality of items of second tracker data, a parameter estimation unit (58) estimates parameter values for converting the positions expressed using the second coordinate system into expressions in the first coordinate system and estimates the relative position of the second tracker in relation to the position of the first tracker.”

The discovery of these two patents is the latest in a long line of registered patents by Sony Interactive Entertainment, which points towards a distinctly unconventional PlayStation 5 console that will boast an equally progressive PlayStation VR headset further down the line.

Previously, one recent patent had pointed towards the PSVR 2 (or whatever it ends up being called) being able to fully track facial features in order to replicate them on an in-game character model, while another points towards the next PlayStaton VR headset ditching those unwieldy PlayStation Move controllers are electing to go with Valve Index style hand controllers instead.

Source: The Game Post