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PSVR 2 News – Work On Prototype Next Generation PSVR Controller Revealed

Sony may have given the world a look at the controller that will support the next generation of PlayStation VR headsets. In a video discovered by VR specialist outlet UploadVR, we appear to have a confirmation of sorts that work on patents raised by Sony in the past for a new finger-tracking capable motion controller for what will surely be PSVR 2, is proceeding at pace.

The video, which can be seen at the bottom of this article, clearly showcases a controller that has much more in common with the sleek controllers that are used with Valve’s Index VR headset. Additionally, the video shows how well the finger tracking works when the human hand becomes sweaty, as such functionality appears to remain reassuringly robust regardless of the amount of perspiration on the part of the user.

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What’s also key about this video that UploadVR points out, is that the finger tracking technology is very specifically for something within the PlayStation brand, and not for some unreleased device in the Sony brand:

“The video accompanies a new research paper titled ‘Evaluation of Machine Learning Techniques for Hand Pose Estimation on Handheld Device with Proximity Sensor’. Crucially, the work is authored by Kazuyuki Arimatsu and Hideki Mori from Sony Interactive Entertainment. That’s the division of Sony specifically responsible for the PlayStation brand, and not the wider corp.”

While it’s still not official until Sony says it is, the notion of a PSVR 2 with controllers that conform to modern expectations of VR control such as finger tracking and improve ergonomics, is hardly a leap. You can catch the full video as found by UploadVR, below:

Source: UploadVR