An inFamous chat with Sucker Punch

In case you missed yesterday’s live chat with Nate Fox and Dave Meyer of Sucker Punch, you can check out a full recap of the interview over on the PlayStation Blog. Here you’ll find lots of first-hand details about the hotly anticipated adventure inFamous, including having the ability to grind on railroads, ride on cars, and change the environment around you.

The game’s setting, Empire City, is based off New York City albeit with more brick buildings than skyscrapers, since brick breaks better than steal. Furthermore, inFamous is completely open-ended with as little as 1 percent not available when the game starts. You’ll find great details like this, and more, by checking out the live chat replay.

Our own Eric Blattberg popped head in and asked a question. See if you can spot Eric B’s query.

inFamous is set for release next week.