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Guide: How To Connect Airpod Pros To PS5

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Can you use Airpods on PS5? How To Connect Airpod Pros To PS5, PS5 Airpod Pros, Airpod Pros PS5 – Sony’s latest home console doesn’t support Airpods out of the box, so you will first need to get yourself a good Bluetooth dongle. You can find out more in our list of the best PS5 Bluetooth dongles to get you started, and be sure to check our our guide on how to use Bluetooth headphones on PS5! If you’re looking for more info on the console, then be sure to have a gander at our full PS5 guide. Furthermore, we’ve also complied a handy guide of the best PS5 games currently available for Sony’s latest system, as well as the best PS5 split-screen local co-op games.

How To Connect Airpod Pros To PS5

Fortunately, the process of actually connecting your Airpod Pros to PS5 is pretty simple once you have your Bluetooth device in the bag. Follow the steps below and you’ll be hooked up in no time. Remember, you cannot connect them to the console without purchasing an adapter.

How to connect Air Pod Pros To PS5:

  1. Charge your Aidpods before anything, and plug your Bluetooth device into the PS5 using the USB C-Type connection provided.
  2. Place the Bluetooth device in pairing mode, which is usually indicated by a blinking light. However, it’s best to check the instructions of your device to make sure.
  3. Press and hold the button on the Airpod case until the Bluetooth adapter’s light turns solid. This means it has successfully paired with your Airpots.
  4. Put the Airpods in your ears to use them and test the sound out on your PS5. If you hear any audio coming from the console through your Airpots, you’re all set!
  5. If not, then head to the PS5 Settings > Sound > Audio Output > Output Device > and then select your Bluetooth device to make sure they are paired correctly.