Andy Serkis event hints at Heavenly Sword 2

Speculation of a sequel to Heavenly Sword has been in route since the games release a few months back. Like many developers today following a trend, Ninja Theory is said to be turning Heavenly Sword into a franchise, possibly a trilogy. More recently, news of a sequel has reared its head at the launch event for Andy Serkis’ industry networking organisation, Games Eden.

At the event, a spokesperson for Ninja Theory on occasion referred to the PS3 exclusive as “Heavenly Sword 1”, as if placing emphasis that it is only the first of more games to come.

This does not mark the first time that Ninja Theory has hinted at Heavenly Sword becoming a franchise, as earlier in the year Tameem Antoniades, the Co-Founder of Ninja Theory, said in a podcast that their original idea for Heavenly Sword is to be a “three-game story”. Furthermore, he said that the second phase is already written and that there is no reason to suggest that there would not be a sequel.

Developed by Ninja Theory and published by SCE, Heavenly Sword is a matchless IP that allows gamers to take control of the lead female character, Nariko. Through her, players will embark on a majestically filled journey as you set plot for revenge by seeking to destroy an invading King and his followers.

The game centers around a weapon called the Heavenly Sword (hence, the title, which can never be held by a mortal as it will slowly exhaust all life away from whoever bares it. The game’s concept is supposedly based around that of God of War, another huge PlayStation exclusive.

Source: Eurogamer