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Anthem Live Action Short Appears As Blomkamp Confirms He’s Working With Bioware

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Over the last few days, we have been teased by Neill Blomkamp and Bioware about something Anthem related. All sorts of ideas were being thrown around the internet. Ranging from DLC being written to trailers being made or even a full film being put into production. The internet can be a wild place when rumours are afoot.

Bioware Gets Blomkamp

Blomkamp has had a very varied career working in films, TV and even as a 3D artist. District 9, Chappie and Elysium are among his various works and he is well known for his science fiction pieces. He even once cut part of his ear off filming a Halo short film. He has also worked on TV shows such as Stargate and Smallville, working with Bioware should be a nice fit for him

Anthem Live Action Short

Today it was announced on twitter by Bioware and Blomkamp himself that the tease is actually for an Anthem live-action short. The short film will be released this Thursday and is set decades before the start of the video game.

Here is the teaser from the tweet.