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Ape Escape 20th Anniversary Twitter Closing Down, But It Didn’t Even Announce Anything

Remember when Sony launched the Ape Escape 20th anniversary Twitter account last year, where it teased a bunch of potentially big reveals? Well, it looks like the account is closing its doors – without any major announcements to show for it.

Ape Escape 20th Anniversary Twitter Is Shutting Down

The Twitter account was updated again in January and once again teased some exciting announcements, but all we got was a couple of new merchandise images and that’s about it. Most of us probably expected a new Ape Escape game to be announced, or perhaps a remaster of a previous title.

Sadly, in all the time the Twitter account was live, nothing major was announced. And, in a new post (via Push Start), it looks like it’s shutting its doors, while also revealing “there are things that I could and couldn’t do in the last year, but I have some regrets.”

Quite what this means is anyone’s guess, but it’s definitely a bit of a kicker for fans of Ape Escape, as a new game is long overdue.