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Apex Legends Best Loot Location – Where To Find Top Gear And Weapons

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Just like any battle royale game, it pays off to find the best landing spots. In Apex Legends, we’re going to show the best loot location – or should we say, our favorite place to get gear and weapons quickly.

First up, let’s take a look at one of the other excellent options. Open your map by pressing the d-pad once you’ve chosen your character. Before you deploy with your team, you’ll see the full map.

You see that supply ship, moving around the map? Time it perfectly and you can aim to land on top of it to get some high tier loot. The bad news is that others will be doing exactly the same, so competition can be fierce on the loot ship.

Also, check out the blue circle on the map. This is a hot zone. In the hot zone, you have the chance to pick up one of the best Apex Legends weapons, fully kitted out with all attachments. Once again, it’s a risk going here.

One of the best low risk loot locations can be found to the East of Cascades on the map. In the video below, you’ll see the exact location.

At first, it looks like you’re just landing in some woods, but there is an insane amount of supply crates around here, which will allow you very quickly to get some great attachments and gear. There’s also a couple of buildings so you can grab your weapons.

Even after this video, there’s at least another four supply crates in this area. We’ve been dropping into this Apex Legends landing spot regularly and have rarely come across any opposition, who will head towards areas that are heavily populated with buildings, or the hot zone.

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