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Apex Legends Season 10 Battle Pass Overview

Apex Legends new season titled Apex Legends: Emergence is the tenth season in the games history and see’s the introduction of Seer, a brand new legend and an all new ranked mode for the recently added game mode, Arenas but it also of course contains an all new battle pass for players to grind through.

The new battle pass will include an assortment of new cosmetics to unlock from player skins, to gun charms, banners, loading screens and hollow sprays all to further customize your favourite legend. Specifically Seer, Horizon and Valkyrie are getting spectacular looking skins for players to get their hands on.

Developer Respawn released a trailer for the battle pass highlighting all the new cosmetics and additions within. You can watch the new trailer for the Apex Legends: Emergence Battle Pass for yourself, right here:

It’ll be interesting to see how exactly Seer effects combat, since those who choose to play as Seer will be able to see the map in more ways than any other legend can.

Source – [Apex Legends]