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Apex Legends Season 19: Ignite Cinematic Trailer Revealed, New Legend Conduit’s Abilities Previewed

Apex Legends is ramping up to its next season release, Season 19: Ignite, which will introduce a new legend named Conduit. Ahead of that, in what’s become Respawn’s pattern, a new cinematic trailer has opened up the reveals for what’s new in the coming season.

This trailer features Conduit jumping into the Apex games, and previews what her abilities will be, which all look like they could really bring a shock to the entire Apex Legends meta-game.

It looks like Conduit will be able to heal the shields of her teammates, and throw Ash-like projectiles that stop players in their tracks, and can keep her teammates sheilds up against Bangalore’s ultimate.

That last ability could be Conduit’s ultimate, and it could be something like an overshield. Of course this is just speculation, but we won’t have to speculate for long since a gameplay trailer will show things properly when it launches on Thursday.

You can check out the cinematic reveal trailer for Season 19 for yourself, below.

Source – [Respawn]