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Apex Legends Season 4 Map Changes Teased By Respawn

Developer Respawn has teased the Apex Legends Season 4 map changes in a brand new gameplay trailer.

Apex Legends Season 4 Changes Teased

Players can expect World’s Edge to receive an overhaul via Hammond Robotics’ Planet Harvesters, which are towering structures that drain the planet of resources, causing massive lava faults, and splitting key areas of the map in two. These structures feature lengthy corridors designed to ‘make 3rd parties a little more predictable and hopefully easier to defend against.’

Meanwhile, the area Capitol City will be split into two zones know has Fragment East and Fragment West. These are in turn separated by a large fissure, which can only be crossed in one of two locations. If you happen to take a tumble, you’ll be shot up via heated air while taking a small amount of damage in the process.

Here’s some more details from Respawn on Apex Legends’ website:

Capitol City was the biggest POI in Season 3, getting the most action right out of the ship. By sending the fissure straight through Capitol City and creating some dead space in between (swallowing up one of the construction buildings as well), we essentially split this area into two separate zones for players to land in and loot: Fragment East and Fragment West.

The large fissure can only be crossed in two locations (a zipline, or a fallen skyscraper bridge). This allows teams some breathing room to control one side after the drop, reducing the risk of running into 3rd parties from the other side of the city. Is the construction site too hot for you? Land in Fragment East and use a Wattson or a Caustic to control the choke points for extra security. Of course, Pathfinder and Octane can both use their ultimates to get their teams across at any location.

Check out the trailer below.