Armored Warfare PS4

Armored Warfare Update Brings Caribbean Crisis To PS4 MMO

Armored Warfare caribbean crisis

A big Armored Warfare update is now live on PS4. In the first major update for My.Com's tank-based MMO, players can look forward to the Caribbean Crisis!

The new update brings a unique special operation. Your task is to defend a chemical facility in the Mojave Desert, which is under attack by a mysterious force.

The operation consists of three objective-based missions. Complete them and you'll gain your rewards, including:

  • Foliage Camouflage Pattern
  • Decals
  • Avatar
  • Resources

Check out the trailer to see Armored Warfare Caribbean Crisis in action.

If you're not yet tried out the free-to-play MMO, check out our Armored Warfare impressions. We also interviewed the creators prior to launch earlier this year, where we talked about progression, combat and much more.