Assassin’s Creed not appearing at Leipzig

Conspicuous by its absence at the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention later this month is Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 outing, Assassin’s Creed. The company will instead be focusing on the upcoming Haze to represent its efforts on Sony’s next-generation console.

Ubisoft’s full line-up was revealed today in a press release, and is as follows:

-Haze (PlayStation3)
-Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Heroes (PSP)
-Naruto: Small channel of has Ninja (Xbox 360)
-Blazing Angels 2: Secrecy Missions of WW2 (Xbox 360)

No reason was hinted as to why the firm decided to exclude Assassin’s Creed from its line-up, though it’s conceivable that the game’s somewhat flawed showing at this year’s E3 convention may have prompted the company to quietly pull the game off for some last minute tweaking. Assassin’s Creed is currently slated for a release in North America this November.

The Leipzig Games Convention is due to take place from August 23 to 28; expect full coverage of the event here at PSU.

Source: Gamers-Creed