Battle Chasers Nightware animated intro is insanely good

In case you didn’t know, Joe Madureira, one of the key people behind the Darksiders franchise, is/was really a comic book artist who had a breakthrough with the Battle Chasers comic book series way back in the ’90s. Fast forward to today, and Battle Chasers Nightwar, which is a continuation of the comic book series, is now being developed into a full fledged video game by Madureira’s studio, Airship Syndicate.

Today, publisher THQ Nordic has released a Battle Chasers Nightwar animated short called "The Gathering" which is the game’s intro. It brings back that animated look and feel from the ’90s and might remind you of He-Man or Thundercats (at least it did for me). The animated short was created by Powerhouse Animation which was the same studio who made Netflix’s Castlevania animated series.

Inspired by title sequences of TV series, mostly the classic "Thundercats" from the 80ies, this video will also serve as the intro of the game.

It was created by the award winning Austin based studio Powerhouse Animation who recently got a lot of praise for their work on the Castlevania Animated TV series by Netflix.

New character: Alumon, a "Devil Hunter" once from a sacred order of monster hunters. Banished from The Order, Alumon is a loner and operates as a bounty hunter, taking contracts and doing odd jobs for money, including exorcisms and assassination if the job calls for it (and sometimes even if it doesn’t).

For now, Battle Chasers Nightwar has no definite release date but it is planned to hit the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Apple and Windows devices.