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Beat Cop Brings The 80s Cop Show To PS4 In March

Beat Cop PS4 Release

11-Bit Studios are today inviting PS4 gamers to dunk their donuts, holster their firearm and write up their parking violations this March with Beat Cop; a pixel-art ode to the 80s cop shows of old.

The 80s cop show gets a PS4 revival this march with Beat Cop

As the titular officer on the street, Beat Cop has players trying to solve the mystery of a murder that they have been framed for.

Where things get especially interesting is in everything that happens in between. As a cop in the local community, you are tasked with solving all manner of crimes and conundrums that pop up and how you deal with them, as a good cop that sticks to the letter of the law, or, as a bad cop that accepts bribes and prioritizes brutality over dialogue, is entirely up to you.

With non-linear storytelling, multiple endings, generous dollops of humor and a charming pixel-art aesthetic, Beat Cop is looking like quite the interesting curio indeed.

You can catch the trailer for Beat Cop below.

Developed by Crunching Koalas and published by 11-Bit Studios, Beat Cop releases for PS4 on March 5, 2019.