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Bethesda Clarifies That PS Plus Extra Tier Subs Will Get Fallout 4’s PS5 Update For Free, There’s Just Seems To Be A Bug Of Sorts Preventing This

Bethesda released a native PS5 update for it’s last mainline entry in its dystopian RPG, Fallout 4 on Thursday. Going along with the hit tv show on Amazon Prime, this is a perfectly timed update.

Not the case however if you got access to Fallout 4 through PlayStation Plus, however. Or at least, that’s what it seemed like at first, since players who had it through PS Plus, no matter which tier they subscribed too, couldn’t get the update.

Bethesda has however cleared the air, confirming that only those who are subscribed to PS Plus Extra and higher tiers will be able to get the native PS5 update for Fallout 4, and while it never say there’s a bug, Bethesda does say “Your patience is appreciated while the teams work on this.

It’s not exactly certain as to what’s causing the delay, but this confirmation from Bethesda, along with a post on Reddit does seem to suggest its a bug of some sort. At least that’s the word PlayStation Support used.

A player who wanted to try and find out what the issue was with the Fallout 4 update turned to PlayStation Support, and began asking questions. In response, PS Support told them:

“This is currently a bug that Sony is working on resolving.”

So it seems like it’s a bug, which means the issue ought to be resolved soon. The Wasteland isn’t going anywhere, after all, might as well watch or re-watch some of the show while you wait for it to be live.

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