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Bethesda Confirms Deathloop And Dishonored Universes Are Connected

Bethesda has finally confirmed what many fans have been speculating since Deathloop’s release, that the universes of both Arkane’s classic Dishonored and its more recent Deathloop are connected.

“It’s true.” the official Bethesda Twitter account said. “Deathloop and Dishonored universes are connected.”

Underneath the reveal, the official accounts for Dishonored and Deathloop had a small exchange, further playing into the news.

Easter eggs within Deathloop suggested that the two games were connected, from what’s referred to as “antique pistols” showing up in Deathloop being the same pistols you would’ve used in Dishonored.

The character models, movement, and how Deathloop played all felt very close to Dishonored, and while these similarities wouldn’t necessarily confirm similar universes, it does help to reinforce the notion.

This also now means players can now use this knowledge to comb through Deathloop and look for more hidden easter eggs, and signs that point to the two games being connected.

Source – [Bethesda]