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Biomutant Is Also Available For A Game Trial On PS5 And PS4

PlayStation has been dipping into some of their older practices a little more, with the reintroduction of Game Trials with Death Stranding and Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and now that list includes Biomutant.

The news comes from the developers tweeting out that you are able to go download a game trial for Biomutant right now, and play through the first five hours of the game before needing to buy it.

It should be said though that the game trials for Death Stranding and Sackboy had the issue of your time with the game starting once you start the download, rather than when you actually start playing. So if you don’t trust your internet to get through the download in no time, then know that if you do go to download the trials, your download time will be cut out of your playtime.

Ludicrous as it may seem to have the time it takes to download the game cut into the time you have to play it, that’s actually exactly how it worked back on the PS3 when they were first introducing game trials at all. It’s a good idea to do more game trials like this, but Sony, you didn’t need to bring all the old practices back as well.

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