BioShock Infinite Sky-Hook replica now available

For those looking to establish a more intimate relationship with Irrational Games’ upcoming sequel Bioshock: Infinite, the studio has solved your cosplay problems.

The replica pictured above is a full 1:1 scale model of the Sky-Hook found in-game, a tool that protagonistBooker DeWitt uses to traverse the flying city of Columbia on a complex rail system. This Sky-Hook, which retails for $79.99, features all the detail you might expect: wood grain, metal and leather textures; hell, it even spins when you pull the trigger! Currently, the Sky-Hook is expected to ship in one business day, but no details have been given on how many were produced. Expect them to sell out rather quickly, as BioShock fans tend to be quite ravenous.

Full product details are available here. Stay tuned to for our review of BioShock: Infinite, which launches on March 26.