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BioWare Debuts Teaser For Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Full Reveal Coming “Summer 2024”

BioWare is currently hard at work on revamping two of its biggest franchises with both new Mass Effect and Dragon Age games in development.

For the latter, on Monday BioWare debuted a teaser trailer for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the next coming game in the franchise which up until now we’ve seen little more than a few pieces of concept art and screenshots.

Monday’s teaser features a look at the map of Thedas, Dreadwolf’s setting, while different characters can be heard in different conversations, teasing a bit of the game’s narrative as well.

What most fans will perhaps remember though is that BioWare confirms we can expect a “full reveal” sometime during Summer 2024. You can also now wishlist the game on your platform of choice, including PS5.

You can check out the new teaser trailer, below.

The teaser was released as part of a celebration of Dragon Age day, which now makes twice that Bioware has used these celebratory days to release teasers for what’s to come, as it did the same thing with Mass Effect.

In a blog post on the game’s website, game director Cornie Busche and senior production advisor Mark Darrah spoke a bit about Monday’s teaser and what to expect with Dreadwolf.

“Corinne and the Dragon Age: Dreadwolf team have created a game that celebrates the rich and varied past of the franchise while crafting new experiences and stories.” said Darrah.

“It has been incredible to come back to BioWare and see all of the progress they’ve made, and I’m excited for some of that world to be shared with all of you today.”

From now until next summer still feels like a long time to wait for a full reveal on Dreadwolf, though hopefully that’s the case because a release date will arrive soon after.

Source – [Bioware]