BioWare says Mass Effect 4 will be ‘friendly’ for newcomers and fans alike

The developer behind the fourth instalment in the Mass Effect franchise has revealed that the sci-fi RPG will prove inviting for gamers both new and old to the series.

BioWare Montreal’s Yannick Roy was quizzed on Twitter if there would be a catch-up system available for Mass Effect 4, ala Mass Effect’s Genesis option.

In response, Roy commented, “Too soon to say, but we’ll be sure to be friendly both to old fans and to newcomers.”

It also appears fans won’t have anything to worry about in regards to the series’ diverse sexual relationships and gender options:

“There is no reason to believe otherwise at this point, don’t worry! :)" he said, when asked if both features would return.

Mass Effect 4 is in the early stages of production, and at this point we’ve still no idea if it will be a prequel or a sequel to the events of the original Trilogy. However, BioWare has revealed the game will utilize the latest Frostbite engine, and shares some design templates with Dragon Age III: Inquisition.

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