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Black Desert Online PS4 Release Date Coming ‘As Soon As Possible’

black desert online ps4

We’re waiting in hope for a Black Desert Online PS4 version, but will it happen?

The massively-multiplayer online RPG from Korean developer, Pearl Abyss, released in 2016 in the West for PC. The Xbox One launch version of the MMORPG has now been confirmed to launch on March 4, 2019.

The latest stats, which date back to March 2017, state that the game has over 3.4 million registered players. This is set to soar with the launch of the Black Desert Online Xbox One release. The game is now up for pre-order and it will support HDR and 4K Ultra HD.

What is Black Desert Online?

Black Desert Online is an action-orientated MMO in which you choose from various classes, including rangers, a sorceress and a ninja. Set in a stunning fantasy game world, gameplay revolves around third-person combat, but there’s also the ability to farm, fish and trade.

Check out gameplay from the Xbox One version.

Looking at the rumors and evidence surrounding a Black Desert Online PS4 release, it does look like it will come to Sony’s console eventually.

During the Taipei International Game Show in 2017, in an interview with GNN Gamer, Director Kim Dae-il, specifically mentioned a Black Desert Online PS4 version in the same sentence as the Xbox One port.

Thanks to Google Translate, he said:

“As for the ” black desert ” in other game platforms, the current mobile phone MMO works have developed a lot of content, this is the same with the ” black desert ” has the same world view, but the content of some works, PS4, Xbox One version will be The same game as the computer-based online game ” Black Desert ” is currently underway, and it is not currently decided whether the home host version of the server will be shared with the computer version server in the future.”

Silence On The Black Desert Online PS4 release date

So, why have we heard nothing since? Well, when Black Desert Online launches on Xbox One it will be in its beta phase. As we’ve heard recently with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (why it launched on Xbox One first), Sony’s QA process for submissions makes it difficult for developers to consider games of this type on PS4 from day one.

What’s likely going to happen is that Pearl Abyss will launch the game on Xbox One, and then spend the following months releasing patches and updates. When the development team are confident enough with how it performs on console – and sees whether Xbox players are enjoying it – then a Black Desert Online PS4 release will be on the cards.

Microsoft announced the game as an Xbox Exclusive, but as we’ve seen in the past this has often meant that it’s only exclusive at launch. That theory was confirmed by James Heo from the studio in an interview with Gaming Bolt:

“As announced, Black Desert Online will be released first on Xbox through the exclusive partnership with Microsoft. We’re also in the process of preparing to launch on other console platforms after the Xbox release. We know many fans have been waiting a long time for the console version of Black Desert Online and we’ll do our best to make it available for the users as soon as possible.”

How Much Will Black Desert Online Cost On PS4?

We can get a clue from the Xbox One game. The standard edition is priced at $29.99, while the Deluxe Edition costs $49.99.

Stay tuned for more details as we get them.

  • Honomaru

    I really like this game. Easily one of best looking mmos on the market right now with really fun action-oriented gameplay.

    • Neizane

      Yeah no. Its horrindously pay to win with pvp preferring overgeared whales.

      • Honomaru

        I mean that’s if you’re spending the entire time just doing pvp stuff all day. I’m more of a pve mmo player. I don’t gravitate to pvp in open world mmos. For the reason you just mentioned. Damn near most of them have that stupid balancing problem due to pay to win. And the ones that don’t are probably shit-poor f2p titles or just crappy games altogether. Also the combat in BDO is much more visceral and fun than most others.

        Can you name any good fun open world mmos that what you said doesn’t apply to?

        • Salman Ahmed

          The game is mostly focused on pvp . Pve oriented mmo is ff14 IMHO.

          • Honomaru

            I mean what to you makes a game “mostly focused” on PVP? There’s a lot of PVE content in BDO. More than I was ever able to finish anyway. PVP in mmos hardly ever interested me anyway. Could never get into it. Fantasy Earth Zero was probably my favorite before they cancelled it. I feel like regular mmo combat mechanics are way too spam-friendly. And tab targeting in most of them turns it into a whoever-gets-there-first ordeal. Not my thing.

  • AdicusDeath

    Pretty sure it was confirmed that Microsoft bought an exclusive contract with Pearl Abyss saying the game could not be released on Sony PS4 until their contract says so. their contract could last from 6 months to a year and that is why it is listed as a microsoft exclusive, it has nothing to do with PS4 or Sony making things difficult.

    • T-99

      Exactly, and this is a direct slap in the face to MS/Xbox….when a game like Hellblade, NMS, Crash launch on Playstation the devs never said a word about launching on Xbox at a later date as its a disservice to Sony but all those games did eventually come to Xbox….but when MS pays for timed exclusivity these devs cant keep their mouths shut and they babble on about the game coming to playstation….MS gotta get an NDA in them contracts….wake up MS.

  • T-99

    Has nothing to do with Xbox beta….The game wont be launching in game preview…TERA didnt Neverwinter didnt and both were on Xbox One first. PS4 is fully capable of holding betas lol…MS just has a deal in place to launch on Xbox first similar to PUBG but without game preview.

    • Secoiya Mac Millz

      PUBG did/is coming out for ps4 though lol. All that’s pretty much been said (and clearly what they are doing) is that it’s a timed exclusive on xbo like PUBG was. it will come out for ps4 eventually.

      • Neizane

        PUBG is definitely out for ps4. saw it at target while buying a new controller.

  • Secoiya Mac Millz

    My main “issue” with this idea/approach. is xbo and ps4 are two different communities (go take a look at the games “they” play) so just an example. “what if it flops on xbo”? you’re not going to bring it to ps4? (based on what this talks about at least with why they are choosing xbo first etc) that’s rather a “stupid” way imo to “test” something out. bring it to xbox and if it “does well” then bring it to other systems? what makes you think xbo is the “right” community to bring the game out to in the first place? n like i’m saying what makes you think the game won’t do better on ps4 than the pc? (because it has been requested for the ps4 over the xbo since launch day) the simple fact is whoever owns a trash box is just stupid. there is literally ZERO reason to own one of those anymore, because they shot themselves in the foot with the windows cross play stuff. so it’s like you either have a beast pc and a ps4 or you’re poor and then i can UNDERSTAND why you have a trashbox one. but lets’ be real it’s 2018 (the era where EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING right? like how many YT comments can you go onto and EVERYONE is a fucken “pro” gamer knows “everything” about PCs and oh yah you guessed it they “ALLLLLLLLLL have custom built OP PCs right?”) pretty much everyone has a “decent” gaming PC now-a-days and if you have a mac (like other comments have mentioned) that’s why you have a ps4, easier to game on that and obv exclusives that come to THAT console ONLY and will never be on PC PERIOD! so you can’t do that whole windows play anywhere cross play bs (spider man as a great recent example, you HAVE to have a ps4 in order to play that game PERIOD) so really those are the only systems you SHOULD be having (not including switch cause well yah it’s switch) what’s the point of having a trashbox now when (as an example) you can buy GoW4 on it, but at that same time because the windows play anywhere bs you can just play/get that SAME game for the PC and if your PC is “better” than any “console” it’s like why even bother? you’re obv going to play PC over trash box and so why is there a reason to own a trash box anymore? it has NO exclusives. n PC will always be better than that. so again going back to all this stuff. why does there even need to be a “trashbox” version when it is on PC? all you little OP faggots with OP custom built PC just go play it there. PS4 is the “system” that honestly makes the more logical sense to be releasing this on. n i dunno just like i’m saying still a stupid approach. it could fail on xbo just because that’s not what “that” community is into but succeed on PS4 because it’s again, been highly requested. so i don’t get that logic. the future of the console releases just depends on the brain dead trash box fans? when like i’m saying dude they are self explanatory on their own, like i just mentioned what’s the reason to buying/owning a trash box now? PC gets what it gets and it’s obv better than the trash box so you’re obv going to pick the pc over it (again if you’re SMART) or you own a ps4 because it DOES have exclusives so you can’t play those on your OP PC. where as trash box you CAN play their “exclusives” on the PC. so again, unless you are POOR, retarded, or both, you shouldn’t even OWN a trashbox one, yet that’s where the future of the “console” versions of this game lie? we may never see BDO for ps4 then if that’s really the case. for the game to come out on our console we have to rely on it to do well from the trash box community? lol we’re soooooooooo getting it :p

  • John Hazlewood

    if there is a playstation 4 to come why are trailers listing it as xbox exclusive?

    • 沈健洋

      pubg does too. but it’s on ps4 now. just after xbox. dude.