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Black Desert Online Update 2.17 Hits PS4 With Winter Season Graduation & More

Pearl Abyss has unleashed the Black Desert Online update 2.17 patch notes for you to gawk at, which comes with Winter Season Graduation and a host more content.

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You can read a highlight of the latest Black Desert Online patch notes below, and see the full list here.

Character Reboot

● Skills of classes will be reset during the January 10th maintence, as announced through the notice: Here.

– Due to the skill reset, GM Silver will appear near the Supply Manager NPC, Robb, at the Battle Arena, allowing characters regardless of where they currently are.

– Interact with GM Silver to conveniently use Learn Skill, Skill Add-on, and Preset functions.

※ Graudation Precautions!


*If you have not already completed the ‘[PEN (V) Boss Gear]: The Old Moon Guild’s Best Deal’, you can exchange all PEN (V) Tuvala Gear with Jetina for TET Boss Gear that is guaranteed to go to PEN when following the steps laid out in the notice here: (Link to Patch Note with it in: )

* The gear obtained through this method cannot be sold on the Central Market, and cannot be enhanced in the usual fashion.

Those who have previously completed the Old Moon Guild’s Best Deal questline

* The [Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon acquired from previous seasons is available to be used.

* If you have already completed the ‘[PEN (V) Boss Gear]: The Old Moon Guild’s Best Deal’ and exchanged PEN Tuvala for TET Boss Gear through this method before, you will only be able to use the ‘[Season] Boss Gear Exchange Coupon’ acquired through seasons.

Other Notices

– The ‘[Event] Black Spirit Pass’ can no longer be used after graduation. Please ensure that you use the item, and collect all the rewards from the Season Pass.

– You cannot graduate while you have ‘Fughar’s Timepiece’ in your inventory.

– The Honorable Adventurer’s Certificate you obtain during the Graduation Quest must be used on a regular server.

TIP! The Fughar’s Timepiece is an incredibly powerful item that can be found in Seasons. While you can throw it away, it is advised that you make use of it if you are able to do so.

※ Want to find out more about Graduation? Check the notice here ‘LINK’

Item Changes

● Changed so that you cannot use the Item Copy and Single Copy functions with a character that has Karma below 0.

● Bring the Secret Scroll of Equilibrium to Alustin in Velia to exchange it for an [Event] Chest of Equilibrium.

– You can obtain the Secret Scroll of Equilibrium via Challenges (Y) when logging in from Dec 11, 2021 (Sat) at 00:00 to Feb 9, 2022 (Wed) before maintenance.

The [Event] Chest of Equilibrium and the Secret Scroll of Pure Equilibrium obtained from opening the [Event] Chest of Equilibrium will be removed following the Mar 2, 2022 (Wed) maintenance.

* However, the Strength EXP Exchange Coupon, Breath EXP Exchange Coupon, and Health EXP Exchange Coupon obtained from opening the [Event] Chest of Equilibrium will not be deleted

[Go to Secret Scroll of Equilibrium Event Announcement]

● Separated [Tamer] Daru Gloves from [Tamer] Daru Armor.

– Therefore, you’ll also get [Tamer] Daru Gloves when you open the outfit box containing the [Tamer] Daru Armor.

* Adventurers in possession of the [Tamer] Daru Armor will find [Tamer] Daru Gloves in their storage in Heidel.

● Changed Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea so Krahtenn now has a 100% chance to drop “Searing Heart Piece”.

NPC, Background and Sound Changes

● Changed so that the sound from Grace Lauren’s voiced dialog and base dialog wouldn’t overlap during the Atoraxxion main questline

UI Changes

● Fixed an issue where the titles of the Season Pass objectives could exceed the UI.

● Fixed the issue where the Navigate function would activate even when selecting a completed objective.

● Fixed an issue where the ordering of the Chat Groups was incorrect.

● Fixed an issue where the character portaits in the Party window UI looked abnormal.

● Changed so that you can always press the Copy button when using the Item Copy UI.

– However, when you are not able to use the Item Copy function, you will get a notification on when you can use it.

* To use the Item Copy function, you must complete [Marni’s Suspicious Device] consecutive quests from the Black Spirit’s (,) Suggested quests with a Lv. 56 or higher character and the character you want to copy items from and the character you want to copy items to should be linked via the Tag Character function.

● Fixed an issue where icons could appear incorrectly when removing the slot from the Edit Ring Menu UI

● In the Pet Exchange UI, the skills that can be learned through the exchange will now display the odds of obtaining said skills.

Other Changes

● Fixed various issues with the area surrounding Trent village.

● Fixed an issue where character’s feet would sink under the floor when in the corridor of the 2nd floor of Epheria 2-5 residence.

● The horse icons shown in the stables have been improved.

● Fixed an issue where the minimap would display incorrectly in certain locations of the Blood Wolf Settlement area.

● Fixed an issue where the Ranger’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ underwear would display differently compared to other classes

● Fixed the exposure of abnormal graphics which displayed with the Sweet Dreams outfit.