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Black Desert Update 2.29 Brings Nightmare Kzarka Boss & Character Changes

Pearl Abyss has announced the Black Desert update 2.29 patch notes for your consumption, which brings a host of character changes as well as the Nightmare Kzarka boss. You can have a gander at the full Black Desert patch notes below.

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A new update is here, bringing the first enhanced World Boss, Nightmare Kzarka, new life skill changes and more! Read on to find out what is coming in the March 16th Update.

Nightmarish Kzarka

● Kzarka, bereft of his soul by Illezra—who brought the Three Days of Darkness upon Mediah, has begun to consume the adventurers who stand in the way of his Ritual of Resurrection. On the days his rage reaches its peak, he erupts into his more powerful “Nightmarish Kzarka” form, and darkness will shroud the skies of Serendia.

– During the appearance of Nightmarish Kzarka, a greater darkness shrouds Serendia. The Lord of Serendia is looking for powerful adventurers that can vanquish this darkness.
– Nightmarish Kzarka is much more powerful than the regular Kzarka but he will drop more valuable loot. You can obtain up to TET (IV) Kzarka Main Weapon (+0, I, II, III, IV) and also have an increased chance of getting Belongings of an Adventurer, Gold Bar (up to 1KG), or a type of Magical Black Stone.
– The Season Pass quest to defeat Kzarka will not be completed when you defeat him as Nightmarish Kzarka is considered a unique monster.

Known to many by the title “KeeezAaannng!”, the World Boss Kzarka will now occasionally appear in a new form. The newly created Nightmarish Kzarka comes back in force to reclaim its old fame as the first World Boss of Black Desert. The renewal of a World Boss was quite the challenge, especially since adventurers have been asking about it for quite some time now. We didn’t want to radically change things by shooting up the difficulty level, so we decided to make Nightmarish Kzarka appear by chance and retained some of the experience with the Kzarka we are familiar with. (We have plans to renew other World Bosses as well, but we might approach it differently from how we’ve handled Kzarka. E.g.) Boss appearing only during the evening or only appearing when a group of adventurers join up.) Nightmarish Kzarka will drop better loot compared to the regular Kzarka. But beware, as Nightmarish Kzarka is much more challenging than its previous form.

Improved Kill Notifications

● Added a new look notification to show when a player kills another player. This new notification will appear in Guild Wars, Node and Conquest War, Red Battlefield and other types of kills.
– Kill notifications can be moved and turned on/off in UI Edit Mode.

Killing another player no matter what can be considered an achievement, and as such we are improving the notification to give a sense of satisfaction when slaying other players.

Life Content Changes

● Life Skill related content has been reorganized.

– Life skill mastery scaling has been adjusted.
– The prices of various gathered items has been increased.
– New Daily/Guild quests have been added, with a focus on life skills.

For more information, please check out 3/16 Patch Notes Part 2.

Stability Changes

● Improved the way other characters are loaded when switching servers or switching characters

Character Changes

● Changed any summons to be immediately unsummoned upon equipping a Hunting Matchlock or a Sniper Rifle.


● Blasting Gust – Fixed the issue where MP would be consumed in certain situations.

Dark Knight

● The appearance of the Dark Knight during Character Creation has been modified.


● Evasion – Fixed to appear more natural when the skill is continued to the right.

● Stigma – Changed the damage and damage reduction of the skill to the following:
– Attack damage 852% x 2 852% x 2, max 2 hits
– Damage reduced in PvP 12% 56%
● Stigma – Fixed the issue where the skill add-ons were not being applied when hitting targets far away.


● Sudden Decapitation – Fixed the issue where the skill’s sound effects wouldn’t play for certain attack motions with your sura katana.

● Ninjutsu: Block Jump – Changed to take activation priority over Shuriken: Malice when LT+LB/L2+L1 comboed after a double jump.


● Marked Bloom – Fixed the issue where the Knockdown effect was being applied to all hits.

● Full Bloom – Fixed the issue where the damage was being applied abnormally to nearby targets in a certain direction.

● Fixed the issue where the Guard effect was not being applied immediately when moving laterally with the battle axe.

Item Changes

● Separated [Dark Knight] Sin Terrna Gloves from the [Dark Knight] Sin Terrna Armor.
– Added [Dark Knight] Sin Terrna Gloves to the outfit boxes that contain the [Dark Knight] Sin Terrna Armor.
* Adventurers who had the [Dark Knight] Sin Terrna Armor in their possession will find the [Dark Knight] Sin Terrna Gloves in their storage in Heidel.

● Separated [Mystic] Sin Terrna Gloves and Shoes from the [Mystic] Sin Terrna Armor.
– Added [Mystic] Sin Terrna Gloves and Shoes to the outfit boxes that contain the [Mystic] Sin Terrna Armor.
* Adventurers who had the [Mystic] Sin Terrna Armor in their possession will find the [Mystic] Sin Terrna Gloves and Shoes in their storage in Heidel.

● Improved to add the Gathering and Hunting Item Drop Rate increase effect applied via the scroll that exceeds 80% when using the Lucky and Spellbound Life Tools.
– Due to this improvement, we made changes so that the stats for the Item Drop Rate of normal, special, and rare Gathering resources, displayed on the Life Skill tab on the My Information window when equipping a Lucky or Spellbound Life Tool, will now be displayed as the stats before equipping the Life Tool and not as 0%.

Monster Changes

● The respawn timers on monsters killed through hunting has been increased by one minute.
● Fixed the issue where the Burn damage inflicted from Syca’s heat in Atoraxxion: Sycrakea was displayed in the list of buff effects.

Quest, Knowledge Changes

● Improved and changed the weekly quests so you can obtain rewards even when playing Atoraxxion: Vahmalkea twice per week at a normal difficulty level.


● Fixed Cooking & Alchemy UI so that overflowing text can be read more easily.
● Added a description to further explain the repeat rewards for the Black Spirit’s Adventure.
● Completing all quests in the Challenge and Quest Window category now shows a completion message.

System Changes

● Increased the range where the distribution of loot and number of monsters defeated was applied when Ordered Looting and Random Looting was set for the party.
– This will be applied when party members defeat monsters while the party signal on the list of party members is activated.

Other Changes

● Fixed the issue where the tutorial for Awakening would not proceed properly when using the skill Bridled Despair IV.
● Improved some of the background sound effects for various weather patterns.
● Fixed an issue where characters could be intermittently invisible when leaving a residence.
● Certain slot expansion items have been modified to better reflect the islands and villages they apply to.
● Improved the description of [Secret Book] Guild Tactics, [Secret Book] Pilgrim’s Steps, and [Secret Book] Knight’s Defense to make them read more naturally.
● Changed the description of the sol that can be equipped by the Shai to match the actual quest name.
● Fixed the issue where an item’s reduced durability did not affect the selling price when it was sold from the storage.
● Outta My Way! – Fixed the issue where the visual effects would remain the same when your Shai wears the Twinkle Star outfit.
● Fixed the issue where your character’s arms would appear abnormal when equipping the [Dark Knight] Darkborne Rose Vediant with certain outfits.
● Fixed an issue where the UI would appear awkwardly when entering a manor.
● The abnormal appearance of various areas have been corrected.

Life Skill Improvements

This update focused on increasing income through Gathering and making Life Mastery more accessible. First off, many of our Adventurers requested that we reduce the difficulty in getting Mastery by giving more through leveling Life Skills but keep the current cap. So, we reduced the Mastery increased after Guru 21 and divided that amount to be earned between the levels of Apprentice 1 and Professional 10. Through this change, Adventurers can gain up to 150 Mastery without needing to reach the highest level. The increase to Mastery will also impact the income earned through Life Skills as well. We also adjusted the number of drops and drop rates for weaker Gathering to match the higher income Gathering like Butchering. Furthermore, we have increased the prices of certain essential primary materials on the Central Market.

This week’s update marks the beginning of Life Skill improvements. We will continue to improve upon the income and accessibility of Life Skills. As for our Guru Adventurers, we realize you may feel that the update is unfair to you as the Mastery improvements didn’t do anything for you in particular even if your overall income has improved. However, we are preparing something special for each of the Life Skills, so we hope you will look forward to them.

● Adjusted the amount of Mastery increased per Life Skill level.

– Moved the Mastery +10 earned per level section from “Guru 21 to Guru 50” to “Apprentice 1 to Professional 10”.

– The total amount of Mastery that can be gained from Life Skill levels at the end of Guru 50 still remains that same at 800 Mastery.

● Improved the amount of materials obtainable and their drop rates from the [Wild] King Griffon.

– Increased the amount of Griffon Claw dropped from 3 to 4 claws to 5 to 8 claws.

– Increased the drop rate of Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast to 100%.

– Increased the drop rate of Griffon Leather by 2 times.

– Increased the drop rate of Griffon Chandelier by around 2.5 times.

Improvements were made to the life skill guild missions. First, we removed categories that weren’t too easy to approach and added easier-to-approach categories such as Lamb Meat or Wolf Blood. Also, as mentioned earlier, we increased the overall Silver profits from life skill guild missions to emphasize individual rewards a bit more. We are also making improvements on guild missions for Fishing so that you can proceed with missions according to the grades of fish (blue-grade, yellow-grade, etc.), regardless of fish type.

We are planning to remove categories that are not easy to access for combat guild missions as well and add new categories for better rotation of the list of guild missions. We are also planning on adjusting rewards for the combat guild missions like we did for the life skill guild missions so that members of guilds can freely each enjoy the field they are interested in.

● Improved life skill related guild missions.