Blacksite: Area 51 info, demo headed to PSN

Harvey Smith, Creative Director over at Midway Austin, recently revealed some interesting info on their latest project: Blacksite: Area 51 (and seemingly it’s sequel).

Smith spoke of the desire to maintain a more serious setting than the first Area 51 within Blacksite. The enemy – a dangerous alien swarm that have escaped from Area 51. The setting – mainland US. The heavy hitting issues – American foreign policy and the like. Between all that plot jibber jabber looks to be a technically impressive and fun first person shooter.

It looks as if you’ll be able to judge that statement for yourself quite soon, as Smith confirmed that the already released Xbox 360 demo would be making its way to PSN and PC platforms soon. If that isn’t enough, Smith discussed the plans for yet another Blacksite demo, this time with multiplayer components. "We want to release another – maybe longer, but maybe not, maybe 30 minutes – demo from another location, later."

"It’s really nice to be working on a pure shooter just once. With the next game, we might expand the world-exploration a little bit," said Smith. Is a sequel to this sequel already in the works? We’ll have more on Blacksite: Area 51 soon.