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Blasphemous II Will Be Coming To PS4, But Not Until This Fall

Blasphemous II was originally announced as coming to just current-gen platforms like PS5, though for anyone yet to make the upgrade, developer The Game Kitchen has revealed that it is working on PS4 and last-gen versions of the game, which should be ready for this Autumn.

It’ll be arriving on PS5 this August, so anyone waiting for the PS4 release thankfully shouldn’t have to wait too long, though of course there’s always the possibility that it could be further delayed.

“Greetings sinners,” The Game Kitchen began in its statement. “We have an update for you all regarding last-gen versions of Blasphemous II. We are pleased to confirm that work has now begun on the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game, and will be launching this Autumn!”

We recently got a deeper look at Blasphemous II during Summer Games Fest, where a new gameplay trailer revealed the August release date and showcased more of the game than we’d previously seen.

Source – [The Game Kitchen]