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Bloober Team Denies That Silent Hill 2 Remake Is Ready For Release

After reports came out that Bloober Team had finished its work on the Silent Hill 2 Remake, the studio has released a statement to correct the record, and say that it is in fact not ready for release.

“As the Bloober Team, we don’t comment on rumours,” it began in a statement posted on Twitter. “However, this time we need to take the floor, as some recent statements have been taken out of context, due to inaccurate translations.

Our company’s messages did not contain sales forecasts of specific titles. The figures connected to Silent Hill 2 refer to the potential success of the type of games we will be focusing on in the future.

It is also not true that we have announced that Silent Hill 2 is ready for release. Regardless of the development stage, all of our activities are focused on obtaining the highest quality for the finished product – the quality that fans of Silent Hill 2 deserve.”

Unfortunately, fans will have to continue to wait for a substantial update on Silent Hill 2 Remake, including a release date.

Source – [Bloober Team]