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Bloodborne Dev’s Parent Company Forms ‘Capital Alliance’ With Sony

FromSoftware parent company, Kadokawa Corporation, has established a capital alliance with format holder Sony.

Speaking during its financial reports, the company, which also has a number of manga, publishing and film companies under its umbrella, has revealed that a financial deal with Sony has seen the PlayStation maker given a 1.93% ownership. In addition, CyberAgent, a smartphone company, has also received the same shares percentage in the company.

Kadokawa commented that this capital alliance allows it to utilise Sony’s “global expansion power of animation and consumer games.”

We believe that it is necessary to procure such funds in order not to miss potential investment opportunities and to solidify our ability to create IP based on our track record of creating rich and unique IP consisting of a diverse portfolio of books, movies, animations, games, and UGC platforms, both financially and financially.

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From Software, which is best known for its work on Dark Souls and Bloodborne, acquired Kadowkawa Corporation back in May 2014.

[Source – VGC]