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Bloodborne Is Getting A New Update This Month, And Fans Are Hoping There’s More To It Than Just Maintenance

Bloodborne is set to be offline completely this coming August 31, 2022 for a few hours regarding in-game maintenance. At least, that’s what the in-game message has stated.

Fans on the other hand, believe this could be telling of something more to come, despite any real sign that there is more to come.

The rumour that a more substantial Bloodborne update, or announcement is coming, predicates itself on another rumour, that PlayStation will host a showcase on September 8, 2022 – or at the very least sometime next month.

While Bloodborne fans are hoping that this update will mean something, the reality is that Bloodborne still receives server maintenance on a regular basis, as another user pointed out in the replies.

That doesn’t mean this definitely isn’t a sign, but it means that this incoming update is likely to just be a regular update, no further update to follow.

Still, hope remains, as Sony must by now understand Bloodborne’s popularity within the PlayStation community. It feels unlikely that it would be okay with the one release.

According to recent reports though, a remake of Bloodborne is not happening.

But no matter how much Sony might want to do something more with Bloodborne, without FromSoftware’s involvement, the fan support would likely dither.

Hopefully both parties can come together soon to work on something for fans, even if it’s just the update to let the game run at 60fps. For many, that would be enough.

Source – [Gamerant]