Borderlands 3 screenshots from tech demo show location and characters

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Borderlands 3 screenshots rumoured to be from an early demo of Gearbox Software’s third game in the action role-playing series have surfaced online.

Via NeoGaf, the screens were apparently shown off at an Unreal Engine 4 conference and showcase the location and some of the characters that will probably appear in the game. We don’t know when the Borderlands 3 screenshots were captured, so these could be from very early on in the development cycle.

Little is currently known about Borderlands 3 (working title only), though Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that it was in development in 2015.

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The last game in the series, Borderlands 2, was released on PS3 and received rave reviews at launch. We’d expect to hear more about the title, which is likely coming to PS4 and Xbox One at E3 2017.