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Borderlands Movie Trailer Premieres, Showcases The Cast In Action But Still No Release Date

The looter-shooter Gearbox franchise Borderlands is the next big game-to-film adaptation on the horizon, and after getting our first real images of it just yesterday, the first official trailer is out now.

It showcases the core cast in action, with Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart and Jack Black all getting chances to shine as the trailer lays out the basic plot of vault hunters trying to find a legendary, ultimate treasure.

Along with action there’s also plenty of comedic moments, most of them involving Jack Black’s voicing of Claptrap.

You can check out the full trailer for yourself, below.

When it first arrived on the gaming scene back in the seventh console generation, Borderlands made a name for itself not just as an excellent co-op shooter, but one with a huge sense of humour that fans really adored.

That adoration has greatly dwindled since then, with a lot of fans especially calling out their distaste for Borderlands 3 from a narrative and comedic perspective. But the gameplay has always stayed strong.

It’ll be interesting to see then if this adaptation can fill the void for those who’ve not been loving the narrative paths taken by the games of late, and if this is going to become another way the franchise grows.

Or if it’ll be another in a long-line of game-to-film adaptation flops. We’ll find out sometime this year at least, since it’s meant to arrive in 2024, though we’re still without an official release date.

Source – [Lionsgate]