Bourne Conspiracy PS3 install the size of a DVD-R?

According to the display case for The Bourne Conspiracy, the PlayStation 3 version of the game requires an install of 5GB, which is larger than the average DVD-R disc (4.5GB).

With this seemingly becoming a more frequent procedure for PS3 games, we wonder just how Sony expects us to have room on a 40GB PS3. For example, if you own Devil May Cry 4(5GB), Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds(5GB), The Bourne Conspiracy(5GB), and then purchase the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4(4.6GB), there goes a good 20GB of your hard-drive space.

Perhaps instead of offering SKU’s with smaller hard-drives, Sony should consider releasing an "Elite" PS3 with 100GB of hard drive space in order to help circumvent the issue.

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