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PSVR Gets VR Fitness Game BoxVR


BoxVR for PSVR is now officially a thing and is available for you to buy right now. What is BoxVR you might ask? Well, if you thought that the likes of Beat Saber and Creed: Rise to Glory gave you some sweaty, intense workouts courtesy of your PSVR kit, you haven’t seen anything yet.

BoxVR PSVR brings VR fitness to the PS4 owning masses

A boxing based workout that requires you to co-ordinate strikes with musical beats as you duck and weave incoming objects, BoxVR has been described as “Guitar Hero meets studio boxing workout,” and currently holds a ‘Very Positive’ Steam customer rating across some 465 reviews.

With workouts created and tailored by a range of fitness professionals, BoxVR puts players into a virtual space where they must practice precision strikes, weaves and dodges in workouts that can run from as little as three minutes long, to mammoth endurance sessions that go in excess of 20 minutes.

A product built for a wide spectrum of fitness levels, BoxVR’s fistic fitness sessions fully track your performance – providing feedback on calories burned, length of the workout, time of the day and many other metrics.

The definitive version of BoxVR, the PSVR version of the game boasts 110 unique songs at launch (that’s more than 50 new songs on top of what the Steam version of the game includes), 45 choreographed routines (up from the 34 seen in the Steam version), trophy support and a special mix mode that allows players to combine the 110 songs and 45 routines to create almost infinite sessions with which to take part in.

The developers behind BoxVR, FitXR, have also promised to support BoxVR staunchly after launch – so folks can look forward to a great many new songs, choreography routines and features in the future.

Look for our review of this bad boy very soon. In the meantime you can catch the PSVR BoxVR launch trailer below.

BoxVR is out now on PSVR – UK link, US link.