Bungie’s New IP Sounds Similar To Destiny 2 In Fresh Job Listings

A new job listing posted by Bungie has indicated the company’s new IP will be a live service game similar to Destiny 2. This is the second round of job listings for the game, which previously indicated the project will be a comedic RPG loot-shooter.

Bungie Job Listing Hints At New IP Details

The job listing (via TGP) calls for an Incubation Senior Online Engineer, and asks that candidates have experience with ‘games as a service,’ which Bungie has already had success in with Destiny. Here’s some more details:

  • An experienced professional at writing, shipping and maintaining game code in C++
  • Ability to independently translate team goals into creative software architecture solutions with a thorough understanding of cost, efficiency and quality tradeoffs
  • Experience developing networked gameplay features
  • Experience with “games as a service” online game development
  • Comfortable with change and building throwaway work

Bungie hasn’t revealed much about the new game yet, although it’s still very early days yet. However, it has previously said it wants to have one non-Destiny title on the market by 2025.