Burnout Paradise preparing for 3D surgery?

The Consumer Electronics Show of 2009 brought forth an advanced technology to the gaming world that would allow gamers to don Terminator-like glasses in order to experience their favorite hobby in a 3D atmosphere. The games on display happened to be racers like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and WipEout HD.

From our eyes-on with the experience, this new form of gaming is worth getting excited for. Thankfully to the latest episode of Qore, the anticipation may have just heightened as the ending of the Burnout Paradise section points out pretty clearly that gamers should expect the game to receive a 3D facelift at some point in the future.

It is believed that you’ll need a special TV to pull off this upgrade, though it wouldn’t surprise us if the PlayStation 3 was capable of a firmware update in order to make it all possible. After all, if NBC programming like Chuck can offer 3D episodes, we’d imagine so could Sony on its advanced gaming platform. The 3D technology is currently available on the PC platform for Burnout Paradise, but it takes a monitor or TV of 100hz or higher to utilize (thankfully we just picked one of those bad boys up).