Call of Duty 2017 will take series ‘back to its roots,’ says Activision

call of duty ps4

In a spate of news that’s sure to delight gamers across the globe, it looks as if we’ve got further confirmation that this year’s Call of Duty will take the venerable series ”back to its roots.”

The news comes via shareholder slides provided at publisher Activision’s quarterly earnings call that specify that this year’s Call of Duty, developed by Sledgehammer Games, will bring the series – which has itself become a more futuristic shooter in recent years – back to its origins.

Speaking to investors, the behemoth publisher said that Call of Duty would be returning to ”traditional combat” and that it was about ”giving players what they want.”

Call of Duty PS4 WW2 game

Call of Duty’s roots, of course, are deeply entrenched in World War II, what with the first three titles in the series being based around the six-year conflict.

Last December, developer Sledgehammer Games also released a slightly cryptic teaser that featured the toll of a bell à la Big Ben, and an old-school engine and lock system that’s certainly a far cry from the more modern Call of Duty titles.

Studio head honcho Michael Condrey’s holiday message also featured an image of an M911 pistol – a popular firearm from both World Wars.

Either way, we expect a full reveal around May  as is standard for the series. Check back to PSU for updates as we receive them.